Sultanate of Oman

Welcome to Oman - Beauty has an address

Sultanate of Oman was recently featured in Lonely Planet’s Top 10 list as one of the ‘Best Destinations to Travel in 2017’. This unique country is a perfect blend of modernity & Traditions. The bustling souks, Medieval Fortsand ancient sea ports have the stunning ability to time travel and take you back to a few centuries.

It will walk you past the old alleys, beyond the fragrance of the frankincense and then will surprisingly bring you back to the 21st century as you admire the modern state-of-the-art Opera House in Muscat. Muscat is a very modern and a cosmopolitan city with startling shopping malls, luxurious hotels, theme restaurants and a plethora of entertainment opportunities that will make your stay colorful.

The country is adorned with beautiful mountains, valleys, caves, deserts and beaches. Oman is a great destination for adventure lovers. You can explore the calm blue sea through dolphin watching, sailing, jet skiing,snorkeling and scuba diving.

Jabal Shams (also known as the Grand Canyon of Middle East) gives you an unmatched experience of hiking and trekking. Masirah Islands are an excellent destination for Kite Surfing. Sand Dune bashing, quad biking & night camping at Sharqiya Sands will be an out of the world experience. Experiencethe magical land of Turtles in Ras Al Jinz and take a train ride in 2 million years oldAl-HootaCave, it's all possible in this unique land.

The most exotic destination in Oman is Salalah. It is a subtropical city that is blessed with a monsoon season that transforms this mountainous region into an oasis of misty pastures. Year-round, Salalah’s coconut-fringed beaches, plantations of bananas and papayas offer you the most unique experience in the middle east.

There is plenty more in store, welcome to Sultanate of Oman - You are going to love it.

Beauty of Oman